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UKTLF has 3 categories of membership - full, associate, and affiliate.
Do you qualify? Read on!

Interlaboratory correlations


UKTLF was founded in October 2001 to meet the needs of the textile testing laboratory community in the UK. Its aims are:

bulletTo provide a participative and open discussion forum on technical issues pertaining to the testing of textile materials and products containing textiles.
bulletTo provide a means for members to participate in inter-laboratory correlation exercises on a range of textile tests such that the criteria in ISO 17025 is met to the satisfaction of UKAS.
bulletTo provide a means for networking of like-minded professionals within the textile testing community
bulletTo promote a professional interface with other appropriate industry wide association including participation in BSI Technical Committees (and their equivalent CEN and  ISO committees) and interaction with governmental departments such as Department of Trade and Industry regarding interpretation of UK Regulations.


There are 3 categories of UKTLF membership:

Full membership of UKTLF is open to any textile testing laboratory fulfilling all of the following criteria:

  1. Hold current UKAS accreditation in an area of textile operation
  2. Have a UKAS accredited laboratory currently operating within the United Kingdom
  3. Have paid the relevant annual membership fee

A list of current UKTLF members is given on the membership page.

Each member has a single vote, irrespective of size of the member's organisation in the UK. Full members with more than one operational site in the UK are only required to have a single membership covering all sites but will only have a single vote.

'Associate' members are companies who supply goods or services to UKTLF members and whose involvement in UKTLF activities is deemed appropriate by the full members. Membership fees for associate membership is the same as for full members but does not carry voting rights. Companies wishing to join UKTLF should contact Alan Ross.

'Affiliate' membership is for trade organisations with whom UKTLF wishes to promote mutually beneficial relationships. Current affiliate members currently  include UKAS, SDC and ASBCI. Such organisations do not have any voting rights at meetings.

Member companies may attend any working group meeting(s) in which they have an interest and the delegate(s) for working groups may be different from those for the main meetings.

An executive committee is elected each year from the eligible members in accordance with the Constitution of the UKTLF.


Meetings of UKTLF are held at least twice a year with meetings taking place at member's premises. Working groups set up to address specific topics of concern meet at member's premises as required. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting is asked to advise the Secretary or Working Group Convenor at least 7 days in advance (to allow for catering arrangements to be made) 

Working Groups:   
                                    WG1: Fibre composition                     Convenor: Ian Strudwick (Shirley Technologies)
                                    WG2: Flammability                              Convenor: Jamey Firth (TFT)
                                    WG3: Uncertainty of Measurement    Currently inactive

BSI Technical committees:   
                                    UKTLF currently has representatives on the following BSI committees:
                                                TCI/24 Physical testing of textiles
                                                TCI/66 Apparel and Furnishing fabrics
                                                TCI/66/-/8 Flammability of fabrics
                                                TCI/80 Chemical testing of textiles
                                                TCI/81 Colour fastness
                                                TCI/82 Care labelling
                                                FW/6 Furniture flammability
                                                CW/1 Nursery articles
                                                PRI/68 Hot Water Bottles
                                                TCI/100 Textiles Co-ordination
                                Reports on activities of each committee are circulated to all members.


It is a pre-requisite of membership that any information arising from the activities of the UKTLF is confidential within the membership and must not be used in any way which is detrimental to or derogatory of another member of UKTLF or to UKTLF itself.


Annual membership is currently 110.00 . Cheques should be made payable to 'UKTLF'. Members wishing to pay by bank transfer should contact the Treasurer or Secretary for details.

The fees for participation in inter-laboratory correlation exercises is set of 35.00 per correlation exercise and is payable by each participant. The fees are set (and reviewed) annually and each trial is invoiced separately.

Inter-laboratory correlations

UKTLF run several inter-laboratory correlations each year on topics which are pertinent to members. Participation in inter-laboratory correlations is voluntary and the tests involved are selected by members so as to address specific issues arising in commercial testing or to meet requirements within ISO17025 for members to participate. All trials are run through a third-party thereby ensuring the anonymity of the results produced. It is for each participant to assess their own performance against the overall results although basic statistical analysis for outliers and stragglers is carried out by the third party organisation.

Non-participants can purchase copies of the correlation results for any specific trial on payment of the relevant fee for that correlation exercise.


To join UKTLF please view the joining page for more details or contact the Secretary for an application form.


Send mail to alanr@utlkf.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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